Corporate and Private Sector

IPP your Technology Partner has drawn its customer base from the Corporate and private sectors across several industries and geographies. Our customer base is ranging from some of largest Australia government agencies and commercial entities. We have also supported small to medium sized companies, retail customers and individuals owing the business verticals in their pursuit to improve efficiency, reduce cost and save time by way of using technologies and effective reporting mechanism.

We have helped corporate build IT Solutions to analyse business impact, costs and regulatory requirements to moving forward technology roadmap.

IPP Technologies have helped customers’ immediate concerns of growing competitive pressures, an increase in the number of alternative sales channels, by way of using technologies to track performance and improve business efficiency.

What IPP has delivered

  • Build customer management system for telco channel Partner
  • Provided data management and integration solution
  • Build websites for small to medium size business
  • Consultancy and deployment of IT projects that meet the business requirements
  • Provided Project Management Solution
  • Offered Business Process Outsourcing Solution
  • Build Report Management System for Advertising and Media Company
  • Build a Product for a client offering service of marketing and advertising to the distributors
  • Build Sales Promotion and Advertising system retail Business
  • Card Information Management System – Mobile Computing implementation
  • Developed property Management System