IPP Technologies have been providing grants management software solutions in to government agencies and philanthropy verticals for the past 15 years.

Grants are investments and it requires deep visibility into the impact of grants for future progress and development. It has been increasingly demanding for grants programs to striving for greater efficiency in managing grants throughout the life cycle. We combine state-of-the-art technologies with many years of practical experience helping organizations modernize their grants programs.

The Grants Management Solutions help organization manage multiple grants from different funding organizations and keep track of how much money is left for each, when it needs to be spent, what reports have been submitted, or when each grant period starts and ends.

Our Solution:

  • CLOUD BASE - Access your data, check progress, and gain intelligence – anywhere, any time
  • DATA DRIVEN - Harness your data and gain powerful insights that guide your grant making decisions.
  • KNOW IT NOW - As new data streams in, your whole team is updated with real-time notifications
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - Add voice, photo, and text notes on the go. The iPad app is perfect for site visits and field reports
  • WORKFLOW – Automate entire lifecycle – from initial request through Grants Approval and reporting.
  • SOCIAL WORK PLATFORM – Social layer facilitates a conversation within the workflow and intimately ties it to the KEY DATA driving to the DECISION.
  • REAL TIME REPORING – Reporting and sophisticated filtering instantaneously and continuously to present a Holistic Visualization of the data through Customized Dashboard.


  • Build a fully web-based grants management solution capable of managing a grant making program from the application process, to the review of applications, to preparing for an annual audit.
  • Build significant flexible solution which allows you to change as per the unique grants programs.
  • Build a solution which is easy to use and manage by people who have just a basic or even limited comfort using technology.
  • Build a solution to aggregate funding information from each grant to summarize to a total funding picture across all your grants.
  • Build a solution to aggregate information about events scheduled across all your grants and display them in a calendar so you can easily see what is happening this week or this month.
  • Build a solution to aggregate information on issues, tasks and contacts so you can see everything in one easy-to-read view.
  • Build a solution to store grant-specific information such as contacts, documents, tasks, issues, events and budget/expense information for that specific grant project.
  • Build a solution to push information out of the system via e-mail alerts so that your team is reminded when important tasks are due—before their due date.

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