Network Security Management Services

The boom in information technology has led to a transformation which has been increasing in recent years due to the widespread adoption of Internet and mobile devices. Modern technology and society’s constant connection to the Internet allowed more creativity in business growth but it has also opened up new avenues for cybercriminals to tap the most sensitive networks in the world.

Today network security is one of the biggest threats the industry is concern as users and external attackers gained access to multiple network devices. It has been a growing challenge to protect business data ensuring the security of all network traffic. Check if you have become victim of one of the threats described below:

  • Botnets – Has someone try to remote-controlled your computer?
  • Denial-of-service (DDoS) – Have your system or network closed down, making it unavailable to its intended users.
  • Malicious Threat – Have any viruses, spyware attacked your computer resulted in system breakdown?
  • Hacking – Has anyone tried to intentionally access or harm information assets without your authorization?
  • Malware – Have your Cyber Security challenged by malicious intrusive software designed not to be detected?
  • Pharming - poisons the DNS (domain name system) Have you been forced to be directed to attacker controlled IP addresses?
  • Phishing attacks – Have you encountered entering personal information via a fake / imposter sites?
  • Ransomware – Have you been victim of either locking of your screen or encrypt the files allowing criminals to demand payment in exchange for restoring access?
  • Spam – Have you ever been victim of unsolicited junk email sent by botnets, networks of virus-infected computers?
The topic of cybersecurity remains one of the hottest in the tech and telecom industries today. The network security key is the password or passes phrase that being used to authenticate with the network; in order to establish a secure connection with the router, where user has to provide the key to prove that you are rightfully authorized to access the system and its data.

What IPP can do to mitigate your Network Security Challenges before it is too late?

IPP can help you strategize, design, implement and support to respond to the unexpected breaches to your network.

We help you modernize DDoS protection through emerging and proven real-time DDoS mitigation deployment models