Oil, Gas & Energy

With extensive experience in delivering linear & complex projects, IPP understand the processes, workflows and line of business in the space of Oil & Gas, Energy and Petrochemicals Industries and also understands the important documents & data involved in the business.

Our global industry insight and experience covers upstream (exploration, development, completion and production), midstream (transportation and processing), downstream (refining and marketing), as well as oilfield services and equipment.

Some of the Oil & Gas services & solutions IPP has implemented successfully in Australia are:

  • Transmittal & Correspondence solutions
  • Customer Enrolment Voucher Archival and Retrieval solution
  • Document Archival & Records Services
  • Image-based, workflow-enabled forms processing solution
  • Engineering Documents and Drawings Solutions
  • Contracts & Customers Management Solutions
  • Automation of Complex & Linear workflows
  • Compliance & Audit Management
  • Downstream and Upstream Management Solutions