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What we do?

Driving through the passion of  transforming the business with IT services and Digital Solutions.

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Innovate, Agile process oriented service model to achieve the common GOALS

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Competent, Consistent and Determined talents pool for predictable outcome


We are determined to innovate, create new ideas, offer new approaches, deliver together better and faster to enhance performance of the investment. We are self-starters, reimagines creative State-of-the-art IT solutions for forward thinking businesses around the world. We are guided by solid moral compasses. We stand for what is right, and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards. We work relentlessly building further on our yesterday’s laurels. We are passionate to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that created IPP 30 years ago.


What We Offer

IPP brings domain expertise, strategic guidance, decades of experience, and technical proficiency to leverage the power of mainframes with enhanced agility to navigate the complexities of modernisation and transform the existing codebase into Java, C#, to improve maintainability, scalability, and compatibility with a broader array of deployments regardless of the source, target, and path to get between them.

REVOLUTIONIZING LOAD TESTING WITH AI POWER. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Make load testing easier, more accessible, and more insightful than ever before. Experience a tool that transforms complexity into simplicity and turns guesswork into precise, actionable insights.

Together, we can meet your diverse grant making requirements, no matter how simple or complex, with a single solution. We help you put in place the grant management system that meets your specific needs quickly without cutting corners or asking you to squeeze your business into existing tick boxes. We pride ourselves on the ability to configure the best solution for your needs

Data ontology, in the context of IPP's offerings, refers to the structured representation of information, enabling precise understanding and efficient utilization of data. Through robust ontological frameworks, IPP Technologies enhances data interoperability, facilitating seamless integration and analysis across diverse datasets. This strategic approach empowers clients to extract valuable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and drive innovation within their respective industries.

An award-winning digital English learning solution designed to meet the unique needs of customers. An innovative digital language training solution that has been used successfully by hundreds of organizations around the world. AI-driven learning experience platform generates a personalized program specific to each learner’s individual needs, goals, and interests.


Helping Businesses Achieve Peak Performance

IPP empowers businesses to accelerate business performance with the focus on the long-term benefits of improving productivity, using technology and data in new ways, accelerating the scope and scale of innovation to enhance business efficiency and profitability. IPP value add services offerings have helped businesses freeing up resources and moving rapidly to grow their business to the next level. Our team have overcome obstacles, found solutions and together have created knowledge that prioritized investment in both digital transformation and sustainability.