Database Management Solution

IPP Database Management Solution

Businesses need IT solutions that are more powerful, agile, and automated in an environment that responds to a dynamic and changing workforce. Databases are the engine from which the business derives its innovation—rapidly extracting a valuable piece of data that could aid the development of a new application, helping transform customer experiences, and deriving smart new insights that can help business leaders evolve the business towards an unforeseen opportunity in the market. The database landscape has been quickly evolving in recent years. Today’s database technology is becoming increasingly complex and supports previously unthinkable data volumes. This shifting landscape is impacting the way developers interact with databases, which influences the databases themselves.

Many organizations today facing challenges using legacy database platforms that are not only decades old, but also incredibly manual to operate and maintain, costly and complex, and prone to lengthy downtimes. Companies using cloud are hoping that they can focus their staff on business priorities, fuel top-line growth, increase agility, reduce capital expenses, and pay for only what they need on demand. IPP can customize any pre-set database to fit specific corporate requirements. IPP can work with a customer to create a database solution from scratch for an industry where no standard database exists.

When it comes to complex database projects, we have seen it all. Literally. We’ve been architecting high-end enterprise database solutions for over 20 years. Leading database projects from idea to implementation, with close attention to performance, scalability, DR and budget is our forte.

Database Health-Check

Complete Evaluation On

✓ Memory
✓ Tables
✓ Tablespaces
✓ Indexes
✓ Datafiles

Database Security

✓ Database Protection
✓ Database Risk Assessment
✓ Encryption
✓ Access Control

Database Solution

✓ Design a new scalable database
✓ Optimize the performance of your existing application
✓ Improve on performance
✓ Organize collection of data, stored and using formal design and modelling techniques
✓ Database software tools are used for storing, modifying, extracting, and searching for information within a database

Data Migration

✓ Established process of transferring data from a source system to a target system
✓ Efficiently moving data between storage devices, locations, or systems
✓ Quality assurance, cleansing, validation, and profiling
✓ Storage, database, application, cloud, and business process migration
✓ Upgrading or consolidating server and storage hardware, or adding data-intensive applications like databases, data warehouse
✓ In-Place or Side-By-Side upgrades of databases with zero outage or impact to business.
✓ Migrating a database can mean moving between platforms
✓ Handling data migration process is executed properly and accurately

Database Optimization

✓ High degree of expertise, an understanding of execution plans, as well as the ability to write high-performing SQL
✓ Maximizing the speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved.
✓ A number of strategies used aiming at reducing database system response time
✓ Designing database that carefully addresses functional needs for performance enhancement
✓ Monitoring every activity happening behind the scenes and will help tune and troubleshoot performance issues.

Business Intelligence and Analytical Solution

✓ Corporate Performance Management solution for a strategic decision making
✓ Data Management that provides a complete, actionable understanding of the operations
✓ Help organizations to make more data-driven decisions
✓ Identifies big trends and patterns and breaks down contributing factors and causality
✓ Know what happened and how it happened (BI) before to say why things happened (BA)
✓ Make predictions of what will happen in the future.
✓ BI tools and platforms streamline the analysis process understand their data without the technical know-how

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

✓ The goal is to protect data keep the business up and running with minimal or no interruption
✓ To limit into loss in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue, brand name, and business itself
✓ Experts in multiple database versions (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) with a wide variety of application platforms
✓ Restoring IT infrastructure and accessing copies of data stored offsite