Digital Transformation

IPP Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation the process of using digital technologies to meet the changing business model has become increasingly relevant in today’s business demand. Born of the age of social media, potentially marketing-driven, digital transformation has evolved from external users experience to internal cross-functional productivity. Businesses are focusing on aligning contemporary automation technology with business processes across an organization. Exclusive to the business perspective organizations are looking at digital transformation in terms of a journey to streamline their own businesses to optimize available resources to maximise productive outcome. Digital transformation goes by a lot of names – ‘Digital Process Automation,’ (DPA), ‘Digital Operations’ or ‘intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS), ‘Process Automaton.’

IPP leveraging on the new technologies have experience and capabilities to take you through the journey to deliver services & APIs to users, mobile applications, devices of IoT (internet of things) and many different systems. IPP digital transformation total solution to take care of implementing digital processes across the business to bring about the cultural change, with a rollout of digital technology, migration of data to the cloud, embracing the DevOps approach to software development, and use of business analytics tools to spot trends – and do all of this faster than the competition. IPP does not see digital transformation as a project but a journey to reach the destination. In other words, through digital business automation, we will carry out digital innovation to take a clunky business process, and streamline it for a competitive edge. Our focus will be incorporating the digital realm across the journey of the digital transformation – in particular data, the software and hardware that works with it, and the infrastructure that supports it – and applying upgrades to efficiency to traditional business processes. IPP value add solution offers to make the business more responsive to current market trends, interfacing with business unites better, friendly experience to the users with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and productivity.

IPP Digital Transformation journey for Success

Review of Drivers

✓ Leverage on technologies
✓ Create
✓ Prototype & Test
✓ Data management
✓ Solution

Digital Strategies

✓ Defining the overall objective Aligns and drives transformation at every level of the business outline and establish the desired experience
✓ Take stock of existing software, applications, and technologies
✓ Priorities the technologies that will be updated in the transformation journey
✓ Undertake a good re-evaluation of the solutions and offerings from various vendors.

Discover Design

✓ Examine business operations
✓ Restructure organization
✓ Change operating model
✓ Reposition Products & services
✓ Improvements

Embrace a Culture of Chance

✓ Have digital-savvy leaders
✓ Build capabilities for a future workforce
✓ Empower employees to work in innovative ways
✓ Give administrative tools a digital upgrade
✓ Keep communication open between team members

Reap Benefits

✓ Increased agility by eliminating dependency on slow legacy systems
✓ Better equipped to adapt to competitive industry landscape
✓ Connecting enterprise-wide systems and technologies to simplify user experience
✓ Optimize business technologies and consolidate operations
✓ Streamline business workflow
✓ Combine data from unstructured data sources in to a useful actionable format