Global Project Delivery Management

IPP Project Delivery Management

IT project delivery has been transformed into a complex model that utilizes both onshore and offshore activities. IPP provides a flexible and independent program and project management services. Our project management consultancy is customised to the unique requirements of our clients and complements both your environment and needs. IPP approach to project management improves communication, collaboration and coordination among multi-site teams while giving managers real-time visibility and control over their projects, regardless of location.

IPP understand global project management challenges to understand the different characteristics and requirements of global projects, attitudes of project managers, PMO practices and services, and for the way team members collaborate and communicate over distance.

While IPP Project managers focus on and planning lead teams to keep the development and design a project on time and within a budget; IPP Delivery manager ensures cost optimization, quality outcome and customer satisfaction; helping a company run the project efficiently, through the development of technology services. IPP delivery manager manages the project complexity activities of the offshore and onshore team, monitoring ratio of offshore activity increased or decreased during the project lifecycle.

Our solution has the ability to make project management far simpler. The solution can let you perform a ton of useful things – like delegating tasks, creating trackable to-do lists and accessing progress reports. It can set up boards to organise everything you’re working on, delegate tasks among colleagues, get customised workflows, add to-do lists within task cards, attach files and comment on items. Project Management, a well-defined Scope and/ or State of Work (SoW) and User Acceptance Testing practices.

Project governance

Establish accountabilities and responsbilities associated with an organization’s business

Develop scope statement

Project objective



Key requirements

Limits and exclusions

Conduct stakeholder analysis

Stakeholders want, along with their organizational power and influence to avoid communication stumbles

Establish and communicate the project plan

Document that defines the project management processes that are used to execute and control the project

Resource planning

Plan and balance the resource workload across all their projects and programs


Communication and Collaboration

Break down the project into small deliverables that can be added into a project schedule

Documentation and Workflow

Project review and risk management

Tracking of actions, issues, risks and key decisions

Project delivery

Review project schedule and its milestone to deliver project on time