Grants Management

Grants Management

Managing the grants can be a stressful, complicated process filled with meetings, paperwork, and deadlines. Grant management for companies and foundations involves accepting, analysing, and approving grant applications, as well as working with grant seekers to report on the success of supported programs. Successful grant management starts long before the grant is awarded. Effective grant design, strategic planning and program development are essential elements for successful grants management. Grant management is all of the administration and work that goes into using and fulfilling stipulated requirements of a grant. Both non-profits who receive grants and organizations that distribute grants are involved in the grant management process. Most grants involve a good amount of administrative work to fulfil the requirements, including reports, tracking, and evaluation.
IPP has hands-on experience on the grant management solution, a linear lifecycle that includes creating the funding opportunity, applying, making award decisions, and successfully implementing the award. IPP provides strategic advice to standardize the application workflow by creating the grant criteria and publishing the opportunities, receiving grant applications, routing submissions to reviewers, scoring the proposals, and automating notifications. Grant management and administration process can be integrated with accounting programs to release funds and track expenditures. We custom-build grants objectives, application review and assessment processes, and build the technology platform to support your specific grant program.

IPP Capabilities

✓ Knowledge of the grant management, administration experience: writing the grant, then receiving the contract, implementing the work, reporting and tracking, and finally closing out the grant
✓ Experience and knowledge of the vertical industry helps choose software system to automate the process and resources
✓ Hand on experience implementing end-to-end grants management and administration solution
✓ Streamline the grant process to identify prospective funders, track the success of proposals, monitor the progress of each grant, and gather the information for each report.
✓ Identify all the requirements and responsibilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the grant management
✓ Build relationships with more grant-making institutions

Reap Benefits

✓ Reduce paperwork Track grant applications
✓ Organize requirements for solid grants management
✓ Search for relevant grant opportunities in an updated database
✓ Store frequently used documents and organization information
✓ Establish roles and responsibilities for grant management team
✓ Handle pre-award activities to set the program on the right track
✓ Build funder relationships that contribute to future grant awards
✓ Improve team collaboration and communication
✓ Oversee post-award start-up, operation, and closeout duties
✓ Real-time updates on projects, resources, and financials
✓ Ensure compliance with funder requirements
✓ Protection from bad audits, disallowed costs

Evaluation & Assessment

Identify and establish evaluation criteria and assessment process for all grants rounds in line with the IPP Technologies’ mission of promoting fair and efficient allocation of resources.

Project Tracking

Streamline the internal Process to apply for and track grants – workflows, task reminders, and assign tasks to different users.


IPP Technologies specializes in recruiting, briefing, and managing assessment committees, as well as overseeing the judging and selection process. Our dedication to excellence ensures seamless follow-up on all communications.

Database Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your database and track contacts
Help improve accuracy of reporting

Bespoke Solutions

manage high-volume applications
Customizable forms Messages Acquittal reports Robust audit trail

Accounting Controls

Cash Management
Budget Controls
Records Retention
Procurement and internal controls
Time keeping