Intelligence Automation

IPP Intelligence Automation

Intelligence Automation (IA) a Complete Game Changer the way the businesses are going to operate allowing machines to do more than just process data. Intelligent automation allows vast amounts of data turning into processable information, synthesizing it into a useable format. IA can now analyse data sets, spot inconsistencies, check for correctness, and ultimately, make a decision. IA is the unification of two technological concepts that have been around for a long time: artificial intelligence and automation. Intelligent Automation is a term that describes a holistic solution for digital transformation, mainly based on process management (BPM) to orchestrate users, tasks, systems and robots (RPA) depending on the business needs at each moment. In addition, it contemplates the use of analytics and AI (especially Machine learning) to make automated and intelligent decisions, and case management to provide processes with enough flexibility for end-to-end case management success. AI and ML are empowering tools that can give your business decision-making processes a massive upgrade. ML a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building; which can learn from data and identify patterns with minimal human intervention. It can also track and automate processes and workflows, and because it’s “intelligent,” it can make decisions and learn as it goes. Intelligent automation is being used in everything from robotics to cognitive computing and controlling quality, efficiency, and business functionality.

Intelligent automation was born as a term related to digital transformation, but with the advantage of being better defined and proposes a real solution by combining four branches of technology: BPM, RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Integration. A company with a backbone orchestrated by workflows (using BPM) that involve users, systems, data and documents; uses RPA in specific moments and tasks to tackle manual tasks; with hybrid decision making between managers and automation based on Artificial Intelligence.

Intelligent automation allows us to turn vast amounts of data into processable information, synthesizing it into a useable format and recommending courses of action. It can also track and automate processes and workflows, and because it’s “intelligent,” it can make decisions and learn as it goes. The revolution in intelligent automation is changing the way we work. These include:

The high cost of labour and labour scarcity call for a reduction in labour costs and increased labour.
The growing complexity and volume of the data that businesses must process, understand, and act on.
The need to differentiate one’s business from competitors through greater efficiency, better customer experience management, and enhanced product and service features and still remain in a profitable position.
Finally, all the systems used by the company are connected through integrations (API) level when possible and centralize the information generated by the processes in the main database. The data will be analysed and feed the AI machine learning, to ensure better-documented decisions.

Automate Machine Learning

Running systematic processes on raw data and selecting models that pull the most relevant information from the data

Business Process Automation

  • Customer relationships
  • Analytics-planning sales
  • Improve performance

Risk analysis & management

Using data to inform business strategy and support organisational decision-making

Market Research

Consulting on how competitors are using AI. Competitors’ web sites and social media presences (notably LinkedIn and Facebook). Browse their press releases, news converage, and blogs

Data analytics and mining

Analyze a large amount of raw information to find meaningful patterns and insights in large structured and unstructured data sets and use them to optimize performance and support organizational decision making

Testing Solution

Optimize every aspect of the testing lifecycle by automated functional and accessibility testing solution that helped execute tests and reporting with minimal manual effort

SDLC Transformation

  • Tools/Techniques to automate certain processes
  • Combining the power of Agile, Automation and DevSecOps – security as an integral part of the entire app life cycle.

Extraction and Automation

OCR “optical character recognition” and ICR is “Intelligent character recognition”. Machine-printed text on a document. ICR, on the other hand, enables organizations to read hand printed text on forms.