Service Management Desk

IPP Service Management Desk

Every business in this world demand top-notch assistance to deal with innumerable issues, requests, or complaints to see satisfied customers. IT service management (ITSM) is the activities that are performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers. IPP service desk solution handles both Incident Management and Request Fulfillment to ensures that employees have somewhere to go for the most basic IT service issues that they can’t resolve on their own.

IPP service desk acts as a single point of contact between the IT organization and the business for all incident reports, service requests, change notifications, and any other necessary communications. IT Service Desk Responsibilities revolve around the role of the service desk in Incident Management and Request Fulfillment along with communications. IT Service Management help the business manage customer touch of the call.

IPP on your behalf can be a single point of contact to the customers and/or users. We from the service desk can manage incidents and service requests, and also handles communication on your behalf. IPP can add value to your end users and customers by offerings READY to USE deliverables without you worrying about underlying technology or IT infrastructure. We can help you bridge the GAP and maintain relationship with the customers and/or end users. IPP offers flexible service delivery model and provide unlimited on-site and remote user support for a fixed price. IPP can fulfil the role of the service desk is as a single point of contact between the business and the IT organization for all communications related to IT.


Knowledge is Product

✓ Focusing on building the knowledge based
✓ Integrate help desk software with an existing system
✓ Maintaining a robust knowledge base


✓ Resolution by cross-functional team for quick outcome
✓ Engaging with customers
✓ Real-Time Help Desk Reports and Analytics

Automation Efficiency

✓ Reduce cost and increase efficiency by automating
✓ Predictable set of steps when resolving a ticket
✓ Documented onboarding process

Actionable SLA

✓ Average response time, first contact resolution
✓ Proactive and personalized customer support
✓ Track performance against top objectives

Transparent Communication

✓ Holistic and all-inclusive solution
✓ Documented onboarding process
✓ Documented centralized knowledge

Customer Satisfaction

✓ Proactive and personalized customer support
✓ Measure, benchmark and improve customer experience
✓ Improve efficiency taking customer feedback

Our Team Can Help Your Address

✓ Incident management
✓ Configuration management
✓ Release management
✓ Availability management
✓ IT service continuity management

✓ Problem management
✓ Change management
✓ SLA management
✓ Capacity management
✓ Security management