WorkFlow Automation

IPP WorkFlow Automation

Consider these wise words from Wired: “The simplicity of automation may not be glamorous, but it lets software be integrated so precisely that it is almost invisible. If your current IT environment isn’t seamlessly connecting your business into revenue-generating opportunities, then it is time to make changes that bring you more impact.”

Any process, any department, any industry, anywhere

Workflow automation is defining a series of tasks to complete a process and then removing all the manual steps. IPP can help you to develop a good workflow system for your scalable processes and automate where workflow can become integral to the overall success of your business. IPP can work around your business requirements to ensure workflows are accessed through a single app that can be securely run on any desktop, laptop or mobile device in and out of the office. IPP can help you with the Workflow Automation of your business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information, or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, as per your business set of procedural rules. We can help you streamline your process and have tasks or components from other apps or areas added automatically, to minimize manual handling and delegation. Everything that needs to get done is consolidated into organized and guided “workflows”.
IPP can assist smart business processes and automation technology to eliminate the everyday confusion, chaos and time-suck your employees have to deal with. It digitizes everyone’s repetitive tasks, low-value work and end-to-end business processes and connects it all with the corresponding IT system or app it relies on. It multiplies the speed of routing and processing while allowing everyone to react faster and easier. It takes low-value tasks and gets them done automatically in a way that’s invisible. There are a number of different ways to use workflow management:



✓ Simplify document management
✓ Save time on approval processing
✓ Schedule auto-payments for recurring invoices
✓ Create a smart payroll management system
✓ Integrate data with other accounting software

Human Resources

✓ Reduce paperwork, Source, verify, and recruit candidates faster with automated approval
✓ Improve workflow visibility compliance on all processes
✓ Provide swifter onboarding/offboarding experience


✓ Establish a (repeatable) marketing process
✓ Collaborate with teammates in multiple location
✓ Follow up with quality leads
✓ Autopilot multiple campaigns

Information Technology

✓ Assign tickets and escalations to available team members
✓ Avoid duplicate support requests
✓ Confirm scheduled updates with stakeholders
✓ Get a handle on Shadow IT
✓ Manage assets and track usage trends